Are You a Leader, Entrepreneur, Or a Motivated High Achiever?
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American Income Life Insurance Company seeks a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high
achievers to join an international company with a solid foundation. We were named the 24th Happiest
place to work by Forbes Magazine. You will have the opportunity to work with multiple clients in a niche
market, manage their direct needs with a computer program that has been designed to simplify the
process. Your leaders will work side by side with you to assure your success and give you hands on one
on one training. Professional environment.
Starting Income range between $60,000 - $80,000 annually.


  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Stock Options

  • Bonuses



Benefit Representative

This is an entry level position that requires no experience. Benefit Representatives work with union families to develop and enroll members in a supplemental benefit program that best suits their needs


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Isaac Foster

I've spent most of my young adult life, jumping from opportunity to opportunity, always looking for the next best thing. Always thinking the grass stood greener on the other side. Always seeking my next "make it to the top" plan. Up until Nicole Sanders finding me as a bartender as well as giving me this amazing opportunity with AIL, my belief that my surroundings prevented me from achieving and not myself, stopped me from improving as a person and professional. This career enabled me to continually take steps in improving myself and my life, I'm forever grateful for this opportunity and the ability to change my life.


Kailey Brackin 

Having this opportunity has been a dream come true. I wake up everyday truly excited to get to work. There has been endless opportunities for growing both professionally and personally. Nicole is always going above and beyond for her agency, I could not ask to work for a more  genuine and compassionate person.


From the moment I interviewed with AIL, I knew this was a place I wanted to be.. Just Four years later, I am still here. Being here has taught me so much about myself, and has allowed me to provide countless opportunities to my family and community that I wasn't able to achieve before. The mentorship and coaching has pushed me to grow and to become better, not only in business, but in life overall. I am honored to be part of the Sanders Agencies. 


Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I moved to Texas 8 years ago. When I moved I had no money, no cell phone, and my clothes in trash bags. I desired a life of financial freedom, but when you have never seen it, it almost seems impossible. I was determined to make something out of nothing. In 2017 I found the life changing opportunity that has created a positive impact on me and my family. Fast forward 3 years, I have been able to help many people progress in their career. In 2019, I was the number one GA in our local office and all of Texas. Nicole Sanders, leading the way as the number one MGA, she has mentored me and helped me to maintain continued growth. God has blessed me with a natural born ability to lead and I'm forever grateful. It is my commitment to help others who may have had a beginning similar to mine. I Look forward to breaking records and continuing our growth in California.

Candace Minor

Patrece Wright